Sometimes a writer may have a great idea but not know exactly how to proceed. Other times, a writer knows exactly where she wants to go with a concept, but motivation and time management are standing in her way. Hiring a writing coach can remove both of these obstacles to a completed manuscript, whether it be a short essay or story or a book-length project. I will custom design a coaching program for you—based on your aspirations and writing practice—to help you get where you want to be. 

When editing your work, my focus is on what you need as a writer. I work with clients to customize the editing process to meet your needs. Some people need a quick proofreading; others want assistance rewriting entire manuscripts. Having worked with writers and students extensively, I have learned how to tune in to the author's goals and the challenges faced in reaching those goals. I pride myself on being able to understand what you want from the final product and helping you get there.

As part of the writing consultant collective WordCraft LA, I have worked on novels, nonfiction manuscripts, dissertations, book proposals, screenplays, web copy, product pitches, and marketing materials. My clients include literary journal The Rattling Wall, the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation, CMH Records, ScriptShark (a subsidiary of The New York Times), Aesa Jewelry, Roxbury Publishing, and graduate students around the world. I am always interested in new types of projects.

Please visit the WordCraft LA website for more information on rates and services.