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Chris Daley, Director
Edan Lepucki, Founder

You can reach us at info@writingworkshopsla.com.

Writing Workshops Los Angeles offers courses and one-on-one instruction to those interested in honing their fiction, nonfiction, and poetry writing skills. Workshops are held in the home of the course instructor or, occasionally, in the home of one of the students. In our classes, work is discussed from a craft perspective, and we delve deeply into the techniques of story, character, language, structure, and so on. Classes are small and always fun, and there are refreshments (wine, sparkling water, coffee), and sometimes even gourmet cheeses and tasty snacks, to keep us going. You can read more about WWLA in this interview with Edan at LitHub.

At Writing Workshops Los Angeles, we value aesthetic daring, and we strive to read student manuscripts with both the highest standards and an open mind. Our students have gone on to attend MFA programs across the country, published novels and memoirs, placed their work in a variety of literary journals and magazines, and won numerous awards and fellowships.


WordCraft LA is a collective of experienced professionals who believe in words that work. Editing. Critique. Coaching. Tutoring. Author services. 

If you are an author, we can provide coaching from idea to publication, helping with critique, manuscript preparation, and submission consultation. If you represent an organization with specific communication challenges, we can provide consultation and custom training to your team as well as any editing or copywriting assistance you may need. If you are a student, we have experienced teachers who can offer tutoring, help you prepare personal narratives for applications, and consult on your dissertation completion and academic publishing. If you are anyone who would like to communicate more clearly and confidently—on an application, a website, even a love letter—we will work with you.