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I was in a crunch to get a small piece edited and proofed very quickly for a last minute deadline. Chris saved me with a quick turnaround and with editing that was precise, clear, and very helpful. Her keen eye made it easy for me to tighten up all the loose threads, and I appreciated the copy editing notes she gave about the piece, which made it easier for me to clarify what I was trying to get across. She was a lifesaver. — Cecil Castellucci, author of The Plain JanesThe Year of the Beasts, and Odd Duck

I have worked with Chris for over a year now to help me polish stories for the various story-telling shows around Los Angeles. Recently, she helped me do a quick revision (two day turnaround time!) on a story that I told at The Mint, and the story was so well received that it was selected to be included in an anthology. She actually helped me get published! She revises with respect to your unique voice and edits with a keen eye, so that you are communicating your story clearly and concisely. Wordcraft is such a great service, because sometimes you don't want to rely on friends or family to learn if what you are writing comes across. You need a dispassionate professional to help you mold that message so it reaches a wider audience. I will be using Wordcraft again in the future, and I am grateful for them! — Janie Haddad Tompkins, Regular ShowModern Family, and Janie & Aaron Does Hollywood

I've made more progress with Chris Daley as my mentor/coach than I have in any other writing class I've taken. The opportunity to work one on one with her provides the structure and insight I need to keep my writing on track. During our first meeting she helped me find an organizing principle for my memoir and I went off to continue writing with a new energy and excitement. Her edits and suggestions leave my voice intact but give my writing greater clarity. She's warm and funny and I always look forward to our in person meetings. I can very clearly see myself finishing a first draft while working with her, where I couldn't have envisioned that before. — Leah Dieterich, Los Angeles, CA

Chris's thoughtful editing brought some much needed clarity to two academic articles that were then successfully published in peer-reviewed journals. Her work helped to refine the flow of the story and made the article more readable to those both in the field and outside it. It even made more sense to me! In an entirely different realm, she recently brought a steely gleam to marketing material that I'm confident will be just as effective and successful. Insightful, professional, and trained in multiple disciplines. It's a good thing she's not a cage fighter. But she is an excellent editor. Highly recommended. — Stephen Immerwahr, Research Scientist (NYC Department of Health)

I signed on with Chris as a coaching client one year ago. We meet for an hour via phone every other week to discuss writing I've sent to her beforehand. Chris has really helped me negotiate my writing and find another voice I wasn't sure I had. She sets a good pace for me—I’m a lazy writer so I need to be pushed but not overwhelmed. I think that my essays have matured through her coaching, and I finally feel like I have pieces that are fresh enough to submit. Thanks, Chris! — Jo LaCoeur, New Orleans, LA

Chris took my draft, quickly edited it, and provided me with great suggestions on where to submit it. Success! — Aizita Magaña, Los Angeles, CA

For the past two years, I have relied on Chris Daley's skills to polish and perfect the clarity of my jewelry company's marketing materials and merchandizing memos. Twice a year, I present a new collection of jewels to buyers, the press, and the public. The narrative materials surrounding the collections must clearly articulate the inspirations, innovations, and intent of the work. As I run all aspects of small but growing business, these materials are often developed in an organic way that need a swift and professional polishing at the eleventh hour. It is a relief to be able to confidently relinquish this responsibility to Chris and know that my voice, intent, and aesthetic will be respected and optimized under her care. — Randi Mates, Aesa Jewelry

Chris is a capable editor who can parse through complex text and quickly produce clear and focused material. She has consistently taken our interactive web copy aimed at physicians, researchers, and academics and created leaner and more user-friendly text. Her suggestions for layout and copy division across web pages made final site design easier for us all. Highly recommended. — David Jetton, Interactive Web Designer (

Quick, detailed, and personal editing help. With only one month left before a required start date for my postdoc, Chris Daley came to my rescue by providing a fresh pair of eyes to help edit the text for my dissertation thesis. Within a week, she had read through the several hundred pages of text, catching typos and providing suggestions on how I might more clearly communicate the technical details of my work. Over coffee, she walked me through her comments, line-by-line, to make sure that I understood her editing suggestions. During the crunch time leading up to my oral defense, it was reassuring to have such helpful feedback. — Jasper C. Simon (Department of Biology, Occidental College)

Writing Instruction

I am a high school teacher who prioritizes community building and equitable recognition of students. My values often leave me dissatisfied as a student. In contrast, in the submission seminar—an online class of all places—Chris Daley created a culture in which all of our questions were worthy and everyone was a source of insight. Even as a novice, I felt safe to reveal my needs, and I left assured in my path. I would recommend Chris to any writing student. — Brian Lin

Finding an environment that is at once nurturing and challenging is almost as important to the writing process as actually sitting down in front of the computer. Writing is hard, finding inspiration is hard, honing your voice is hard, and doing it all on your own is lonely… but as it turns out, it doesn’t have to be. You may not think you need a class to write, but I guarantee the process will be far more enjoyable if you take the creative nonfiction class. You will discover so much more about yourself as a writer, especially with a teacher like Chris Daley pushing you to explore and play. She creates a safe place for us to try and fail, learn from it, and then try again and grow.  Everyone has a natural voice, but a class like this, with a teacher like Chris, will help you not only sharpen what is best about your unique voice but also explore new styles that could potentially open you up to whole new worlds as a writer. Unless you’re illiterate, you probably don’t need a class to learn how to write, but you really should consider this class if you want to learn how to be a writer. — Emma Fletcher, Los Angeles, CA

I entered Chris Daley’s Creative Nonfiction class knowing that I wanted to work on a memoir I’d been thinking about for a long time, but feeling at a bit of a loss about where to start. The reading assignments Chris selected were incredibly helpful – just learning about how other writers have approached the genre was enough to get me started. By the end of the eight weeks I had a good sense of my strengths and areas of focus for improving my work, thanks to Chris’s instruction and feedback. I also met some great people and had fun discussing writerly things with other writerly types. I’m looking forward to the next workshop. — Sara Campbell, Atlanta, GA

Chris Daley has the ability to coax her students’ pieces from inception through revision to final draft, and then tell you exactly where you can submit them. Chris is able to verbalize details from a student’s writing that may be from three revisions earlier. I love how she has designed these one-page writing assignments that manage to be as encouraging as they are challenging. I have been taking Chris’s class every session since I met her almost two years ago. I know for a fact that my fellow advanced nonfiction classmates consider Chris’s class, as I do, to be a driving force in the progress of their writing.

Oh, and I also love how Chris loves LA, particularly the vibrant literary culture of which she is an important part. She is a working writer and writing professor who moderates multiple panels at the LA Times Festival of Books; she is a judge for the 2014 LA Times Book Prize for Fiction and First Fiction categories, and she is the co-founder of WordCraft, a writing consulting collective in LA. Yet with all that going on, her written critiques of students' work read like she has gone over them three or four times. She also has a great sense of humor, a great asset in a teacher of creative nonfiction. — Terrance Flynn, Redlands, CA

I was entirely new to writing when I registered for a creative nonfiction workshop with Chris Daley. Eight weeks later I had a short story which is about to be published. This is a true testament to Chris as an instructor and a coach, as well as source of inspiration for anyone looking to write. Chris’s charm and sense of humor are key to the collaborative atmosphere she creates in her classes.  She skillfully facilitates group discussions, so that everyone walks away with new ideas and volumes of helpful feedback on their work. Her reading assignments are always stimulating and relevant, while the writing prompts never fail to challenge you out of your comfort zone.  Chris is a fantastic editor and a kind soul who genuinely wants you to succeed as a writer. I cannot wait for the next class with her. — Elina Gorelik, Los Angeles, CA

Moving to Los Angeles can be a lonely experience. You are never sure where to go to find support and guidance in your art, especially writing. Writing itself is a lonely pursuit, however, by chance I found myself in Chris Daley’s Creative Nonfiction Beginning class and I was forever uplifted. Not only did the environment of the class feel intimate and sincere, but constructive. Chris embodies what writing teachers should be: a balance of ease and drive. The class has the ease of comfortability to be yourself and be open, but also the drive and strictness to keep you on track and find your direction. I’m on my third class with Chris and now pursuing my first nonfiction book. She will be listed on my dedication page; it’s the least I can do to express my gratitude. — Andrea Galvez, Los Angeles, CA

Chris Daley's nonfiction class was a transformative experience for me. Chris's readings, discussion and critiques are carefully chosen to spark new thoughts and approaches. Chris is funny and relaxed but at the same time serious and professional. I walked into the class and knew immediately that I was in good hands. In only eight weeks, she helped me see nonfiction in general and my writing in particular in an entirely new light. If you want to learn, laugh, think, feel, and grow as a person and a writer, sign up with Chris.  — Joy Allen, Los Angeles, CA

I have been studying with Chris Daley for the past half year and have just re-upped for another class. Her creative nonfiction class (essays/memoirs) has been instrumental in pushing my work further. Chris creates an environment that feels both safe and challenging. One of my pet peeves is when a class is “soft” and everything turned in gets met with unconditional praise. I always feel like I’ve wasted my money and could have simply asked my mom to read the piece! That said, I’m not a glutton for punishment either. Chris’s style is honest and supportive. You get real feedback and the inspiration to take it to the next level. This class is a hidden gem. — Angela Espinosa, Los Angeles, CA

I love Chris and her class. She’s warm and highly intelligent, thoughtful and thought provoking. I started her class two sessions ago with no previous writing experience and only an idea. As I now enter my third session I am close to completing my first long form composition, a one man show. She helped to give form and guidance to my fledgling thoughts and  motivated without judgment, all while fostering a supportive atmosphere that is often filled with laughter. — Gregory Thirloway, Los Angeles, CA

I was led to Chris Daley's advanced creative nonfiction workshop by a lucky string of events and it has activated my writing life.  Chris's teaching style is direct, insightful, and kind. Like the best demanding teacher you've ever had, she expects thorough participation in each of her carefully crafted class segments—and she gets it from all of her students.  I'm writing more than I ever have in my life, and I'm addicted to spending Wednesday nights with this inspiring group. The discipline of reading the assigned texts and each other's work, as well as a writing a short piece to read aloud each week, has cranked up my writing to a new level. — Joyce Salter, Los Angeles, CA

Chris’s workshops are a perfect mix of intellectual rigor, inspiration and fun. She looks out for her writers, fosters a generous atmosphere, and exposes us to a lot of great reading. These are the best writing classes I’ve taken in Los Angeles. — Kristen Havens, Los Angeles, CA

Chris Daley knows what is going on. After taking several classes at UCLA, I was fed up with the epic commute and the exorbitant prices. I was thrilled to find WWLA and specifically Chris Daley. I had the good fortune of taking a creative non fiction class with her. The readings she assigned were instrumental in forming a new and deeper understanding of the craft. Her critiques of work in class are honest and thoughtful and she delivers them with kid gloves. I am looking forward to taking more classes with Chris and trying out other teachers at WWLA. I am so happy I found this incredible resource for writers in Los Angeles. — Hope Moore, Los Angeles, CA

Enrolling in Chris Daley's nonfiction class was the best decision I made once I moved to Los Angeles. Her class unquestionably propelled my writing to a higher level. My choice in WWLA manifested from all the great testimonials, professional communication, and a gut feeling that her class would stimulate my creative process. Chris' intimate classroom setting, required reading, and class structure showed me she was an organized professional.  She layered topics to build a collated, macroscopic platform to understand the craft of writing better, but each teaching concept could still be teased apart, skillfully standing on its own. Her assignments improved my writing every week, and I created the best work I had known. I always received quality feedback in a collaborative forum.  Chris possesses a gift for editing, regardless of your writing style.  She created a safe, supportive environment to grow, and shared her relaxed candor through every class. I had a great time! Given that, this class requires work and committment. If you're interested in participating, Chris' class is a great place to learn. — Elizabeth Vereshko, Los Angeles, CA